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Hope you enjoy the stories of my customers and the places they call home. I find each client special, I hope you do as well.

3 Girls and Mom

I wanted to check in with my buyer about posting her information on my blog.  

Here is what Shelley wrote back to me:


I have attached a pic of my girls and I.  

We are loving the house.  Your help was such a blessing to me.  This is my first home purchase after my divorce last year.  This home is an investment for me and my girls and allows me to save some money instead of renting.  We are loving the space this home provides and the den/kitchen area feel like HOME! 

Thanks for all your help. 

Shelley H.

This is the BEST part of my job. I am so thankful to have helped Shelley and her beautiful girls secure financing for their home.  My heart pours out for them, as I personally have been through her same situation, and applying the monthly housing payment toward your own property is so much more rewarding than paying someone else to do just that. 

Shelley and her daughters were able to find one of the last available...

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Retired Navy Veteran

Ronald purchased a home in Texas while living in Ohio, he was able to obtain a VA loan with 100% financing.  We ended up talking about his days in the Navy, I found this interesting, as my dad was in the service, and he used to tell us tales of his “marching days” when my brother and I were little.  We got into some good conversations. I found out Ronald worked on boats protecting the captains.  This lead to further conversations uncovering the fact that my grandfather left me an old chest “supposedly” used on the ships during WWII. The green painted chests were bolted to the floor and locked with navigation instructions inside. It seems there was much espionage during this time and people would talk on shore, word would get around as to where the ships were headed. Spies all over it seemed.  Well, to divert the enemy and solve this problem, the charted courses were locked up inside the above mentioned chests and the ships set sail not...

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Traffic in Denver

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2018

Jessica wanted to be closer to work and avoid the 40 minute drive in Denver traffic.  A condo close to her employer seemed to be the perfect solution.   Denver has ranked #21 as the worst congested traffic in the US as of February 2018. Who wants to be stuck in traffic especially when you live in such a beautiful place as Denver, Colorado. That time could be enjoyed outside, on the sunny mountain sides.  Knowing the why of where my customers are moving makes it that much more rewarding when the transaction is completed.  Doesn’t the intention of the effort make everything of effort much more enjoyable? If we do something with no insight as to why or no details as to what the outcome of our actions will address can seem almost pointless. Studies show this intrinsic motivation comes from the interest for the activity at hand.

Anyway, I am happy Jessica was able to get into her first home and that I could help her finance her purchase and enjoy time in...

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